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ˇ@To further the wishes of those who dedicated their bodies to medical education, in 2000 the department of Anatomy of the Tzu Chi University proposed to the Dharma master Cheng Yen of Tzu-Chi to pioneer a clinical skill training program based on un-embalmed bodies. With the support from the Dharma master, professor Guo-Fang Tseng, the current director of the Medical Simulation Center, and Dr. Yueh-Jan Wang, head of the anatomy department planned from scratch to establish an interaction-based and silent mentor-based clinical skill training program. On May 26-29, 2002, together with surgeons from the Hua-lien Tzu-Chi Medical Center, the team formulated and conducted the first basic clinical skill and surgery training program to the second class of the medical students of the Tzu-Chi University a week before graduating. This marked the beginning of a new era of the medical education in Taiwan.

ˇ@Following the success of the first simulation course conducted in the Gross Anatomy Lab, the university configured a surgery simulation room with 8 operation tables and specially designed quick freezing facility under the assistance of the Tzu-Chi Foundation and its charity, medicine, education and culture missions and inaugurated in September 15, 2003. With the advances of the operations and to accommodate more disciplines of training, in particular minimally invasive surgery and endoscopy, the training facility underwent renovation and the new Medical Simulation Center started its operation on September 2008.

ˇ@Each practice part of the program lasts for 4 days. Its contents evolves over the years and is now consists of two and a half days of basic clinical skill training for interns at the beginning of their surgery rotations which includes mostly emergency life-saving techniques, followed by one and a half days of advanced surgery training catered for medical professionals. Starting in 2008, advanced programs dedicated solely to the training of residents and attending surgeons are been offered. The basic clinical skill training on silent mentors is a requirement for the universityˇ¦s medical students during their internship and serves as an important platform for the interaction and training of medical students and surgeons from sister medical schools or universities.

ˇ@The program has received the attention of many medical educational professionals around the world with resounding praise. In addition, it attracted Mr. Ian Johnson, a Pulitzer journalist, to come to observe the operation of the program in person on February 2008 and wrote up a front-page story of Tzu Chi Universityˇ¦s Silent Mentor program in the Wall Street Journal on April 22, 2008. This is truly an acknowledgment of the vision of the Tzu Chi Foundation and the effort of the Tzu Chi University to create such a program for nurturing in addition to skills, the caring properties of future medical professionals.

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